Crudely drawn picture of a synth character, looking to the right. Their body is mostly colored with shades of grey and accents of green.

hey, i'm ruben!

cheesed to meet ya.

a synth who is constantly tired about everything.

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i prefer listenbrainz though, see below

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about me

i'm just some 17 year old gay foss enjoyer with adhd, going around the internet and slowly realizing how fucked the world is. or something like that.

i enjoy messing around with technology, usually if its unique or retro, or perhaps just taking something and physically destroying it because it helps relieve some of my stress.

i'm a nerd into free and open source software (as noted above) and privacy stuff, along with other libre things. i'm not a programmer or anything, though. i've tried, didn't work out.

also a nerd into Linux stuff, mostly touched Arch and a little bit of NixOS but have found to stuck with Fedora.

enthusiast in open, decentralized and federated projects, networks or services. favorites include the fediverse and listenbrainz.

i absolutely despise corporations and capitalism with every single fiber in my living synthentic body πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

i am also very Incredibly Gay by the way, did i mention that? bet i didn't. totally. heh.

very much a furry connoisseur and into other robot beings like protogens and other fellow synths. being a human fucking SUCKS. also into other things and stuff that people would consider to be weird or whatever because apparently being normal is good or something stupid like that.

Certifiedβ„’ idiot (i think this one is obvious)

usually pretty tired and sometimes full of ideas that i just can't bring myself to execute for some reason.

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socials n' contacts

you can find or contact me in these places i'm usually available and active on. i suck at direct messages, if you try to contact me and i don't know you then chances are you'll get a response within the next 3028 years.

other points of interest:

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"fun" facts

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quotes left behind from friends! usually from the fediverse!

"can you make my quote say that i am extremely homophobic and definitely not gay"

~ limineow

"*slaps visor* this synth can fit so much brainrot in him"

~ breaadyboy

"The evolution of @sneexy from plush yoshi to robo dragon thing is interesting"

~ mikoto

"im deporting you until you say ur sorry"

~ av70

"what a horrible day to have beaten the other sperm to the egg 22 years ago"

~ vozercozer

"they'll never expect the french inquisition"

~ guigui

"skibidi toilet will be mine yeah"

~ binbows

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if any are broken and/or missing, poke me.

friends! listed alphabetically. last 2 friend buttons are mine! please hotlink whichever you like!

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