my profile picture, which is a synth in a mostly grey frame with green accent colors and eyes.

hey, i'm ruben.

welcome to my site.


(if you're looking to get in contact with me, refer to the ~/links card below. 👋)

i'm your "average" 17 year old gay foss enjoyer.

i enjoy messing around with random technology things, especially retro and unique things. modern tech things too depending on how much i can actually do with them.

as my subtitle says, i love me some FOSS and privacy stuff although i don't think i nerd too much over it, i will prefer it over anything. not a programmer or anything special though.

enthusiast in open, possibly decentralized or federated social networks or services. favorites include the fediverse and listenbrainz.

"certified" arch linux user/nerd ~ i hate corporations with a passion 😊💕

Certified™ idiot (full of adhd and constantly using it as an excuse according to irl's)

i am usually pretty drained and exhausted in both ways, sometimes i get myself into random unnecessary internet arguments, but from what i can tell that doesn't seem to be the case often. (unless i know you well, then i'll probably do it in a joking or pissy way.)


  • my profile pictures used to be random characters from different types of media that i grayscale and used as my profile picture. i no longer do this as i've already came up with my own synth character!
  • i used to have a joke where i loved cheese, in a "i cannot live with cheese, give me the cheese or i die" way. technically the joke does still exist to some extent in a friend group, but otherwise has mostly died out. 🧀
  • originally starting interneting when i was young and my only method of getting wifi was by using my netbook in the kitchen and connecting to a nearby stores local wifi connection.
  • joined fedi around 2020 or so, originally on before closing shop and moving to which has a nice local community, before moving to for a short while before finally landing at
  • i prefer lowercase when possible. it just feels more natural.
  • i am terrible at spelling. i had to at least search up like 10 words when typing this entire site out to make sure i didn't misspell anything.
  • this is the third real site that i've made.


(note: some of these may or may not be related to me at all the blurred reviews may either contain vulgar language or just be incredibly gay)

god i fucking love men


elephantastic, 10/10


5/7, perfect website


7.8/10, too little water


my favorite professional cheese consumer, 10/10


10/10 epic website, stealing soon




geeen :)




I've come to make an announcement, shadow the hedgehog is a BITCH ASS MOTHERFUCKER he pissed on my FUCKING WIFE that's right he took his quilly hedgehog DICK out and pissed on my WIFE



a bunch of cool buttons, links and stuff to other people and randomness which i think are cool! :D
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